10 surprising ways you’re ruining your leggings without even knowing it

Leggings and activewear are made for sport so they must be indestructible right? Unfortunately not 😞 This is a very common misconception that leads to many of us ruining our leggings without even realizing it. While yes, your leggings and activewear are made to perform during exercise (sweat-wicking, compression, etc.), the technical fabrics are actually […]

Discover the science-backed exercise secret to slow your ageing

Anti-ageing is all the hype these days, especially following the FaceApp craze. Now that you can get a glimpse of the older version of yourself, it’s no wonder why you might be curious about how to slow that process.  While most people turn straight to anti-ageing creams, there is a scientifically-backed exercise to slow down […]

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