We’ve scoured a few continents looking for the right fabrics for your life and workouts! Just like us people, no one fabric is the same, each stand on her own with her own strengths and weaknesses. Each of our fabrics are designed for specific types of training and environments and are in constant beta! 

NineTrain is a soft and matte touch fabric. It is primarily designed for the daily gym goer who lifts weights, uses machines, and joins classes. This is a favourite amongst our CrossFit Ninepiners and yogis! It’s not too thick but not too thin, but in our view it’s just right (in Swedish we say it’s lagom).

The matte finish also makes this a great material to wear out of the gym, box and studio when heading to the shops or Sunday brunch.

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NineFine is a breathable, hugging and cool touch fabric. If you love cardio, HIIT classes, Barry Bootcamp style classes, weight machines and other sweaty workouts, this is for you! This fabric is extra stretchy, gives more compression and provides a hugging sensation.

While it’s not as matte as our NineTrain fabric, it’s by no means “shiney”!

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NineSoft is our softest and most deliciously comfy fabric to date. It’s so buttery soft that you will feel like you have nothing on! A word of warning, you will want to live in these.

NineSoft is designed for yoga, soft sports and daily wear. With its softness, it’s a more sensitive fabric so we don’t recommend you use this at CrossFit, or do barbell hip thrusts or Russian twists on the gym floor. We also highly recommend you to wash with care (wash inside out, cold wash, no tumble drying etc)!

The matte look of our NineSoft fabric will make you look super vogue at your next brunch date!

Exciting stuff coming soon!

NineFirm is a stretchy but more firm fabric in our collection. It feels a tiny bit thicker than the others which gives it a lot more support. It’s designed for the CrossFitters, gym goers and yogis who want more firm support of their bits!