Moving our bodies while keeping our minds still

At Ninepine, we’re all about the combination of movement (physical activity) and mindfulness as a way to enhance our quality of life. No matter your activity of choice, whether it's yoga, gym workouts, CrossFit, triathlons, runs or hikes in the forrest, we want to encourage the world to get moving. 

We are also firm believers  that "our lives are what our thoughts make it". Training our minds is equally as important as training our physical bodies.  Practising meditation, gratitude,  and self-awareness are just a few ways we can enrich our everyday lives and relationships.

Born in Stockholm with roots from Sydney

Ninepine was born in Stockholm, Sweden but our roots stem from as far as Sydney, Australia. We’re relentlessly striving to make the best technical activewear and apparel to encourage you to move and stay mindful.  

All of our pieces are co-created together with yogis, gym-goers, crossfitters and everyday workout people with both performance and vogue at heart.

With a nod to our Nordic heritage, we are guided by a utilitarian, minimalist, timeless and modern design ethos. We are not so much about seasons, patterns or an endless catalogue. We're dedicated to a "less but better" approach, as we focus on pieces that have high functionality and transcend trends. Ninepine is not exclusively for the gym, studio, shala, or CrossFit box, but also for the Sunday brunch, Netflix evenings and the everyday moments. 

For each order placed, we will plant a tree on behalf of our customers, in Kenya's Great Rift Valley and the Northern Coast, in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects and local communities. The reforestation effort involves planting afromontane species within the Kijabe Forest as well as Mangrove and coastal forest species
in the Northern Coast (see our sustainability page for more info). 

The Ninepine Sutras (values)

Our maxims for living the good life

#1 Invest in your "health" above all else

Taking care of yourself and your health should arguably be your highest priority. It’s important to have a 360 view on your “health”, as we often get preoccupied with only the physical part. Here are the 4 components of health that we really focus on:

Physical health – taking care of your body (exercise and diet)

Emotional and mental health – being able to deal with demands of life, managing stress, anxiety etc.

Social health – having great relationships and interacting with others

Cognitive health – keeping your brain sharp

There are many activities that you can do for each of these 4 components to invest in your “health”. For example, yoga and meditation has been shown to work wonders for emotional health whilst having dinner with friends is super impactful for your social health.

#2 Conquer yourself and you'll conquer your world

The happiest people we’ve ever met have always focused on on evaluating and improving themselves. The unhappy ones are usually the ones constantly comparing themselves to others.

Roosevelt once said that “comparison is the thief of joy” and we cannot agree more. We are all born under different circumstances, have different bodies, starting points etc. so comparison seems quite trivial. Why should you compare your beginning to someone else's middle? We acknowledge that it is easier said than done, but awareness is the first step.

The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday. Through conquering yourself you can conquer your world.

#3 Embrace physical activity for a higher quality of life

Focus on the the health and life benefits of physical activity rather than just checkin the scales. The science is out there, physical activity is a key to increasing your quality of life and extending your life.

It’s proven that as little as 30min of exercise each day can fight off heart disease, diabetes, depression, and certain cancers ( particularly breast and colon cancer). It’s also golden for your mind.

Physical activity can help you control stress, boost your mood, and keep your brain functioning sharp, especially when ageing.

We believe that a well-rounded exercise has 4 components: aerobic/cardio exercise, strength training, flexibility training, and balance exercises. Each of these will benefits your body in different ways.

See this Harvard article for more info

#4 Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

We know it’s scary to get outside of your “comfort zone” but again nether great things nor growth ever came from playing it safe inside “the comfort zone”. While we don’t advocate you doing crazy or dangerous activities, we do encourage you to attempt those “scarier” things but in a more systematic way.

For example, I use to be terrified of public speaking. But I read books, took a few courses and practiced a lot in empty rooms - now it's a honed skill. The same goes for starting a company like Ninepine, there is a lot that we do not know but we put ourselves out there, ask a lot of questions and after a while,  we realise that we' have learnt so much about topics that were previously alien to us .

#5 Focus on impact

What are your priorities in life? What actions can you do today to help you achieve this life? 

We find it really handy to use Pareto’s 80/20 rule (which states that 80% of the results will come from 20% of your actions) to ask myself questions such as:

What do I spend 20% of my time doing that gives me 80% of my happiness?

Who are the 20% of people I’m close to who make me the happiest?

Maybe its time to spend more time and effort on the stuff that actually makes you smile and feel intrinsically nourished