Sustainable apparel is really really important to us, especially being based in Stockholm – the first city to be awarded European Green Capital by the EU. Sustainable apparel is one of our key priorities, but it’s actually quite complicated with many things that seems good but aren’t really. To help us navigate the sustainability minefield we use the Brismar (2019) model of sustainable fashion!



Ninepine pieces are designed to be super high quality and timeless (keeping our designs minimalist in true Scandinavian form) – We pay a lot extra ensuring that we have the best seams, fabric and finishing compared to others on the market. We reckon that one of the MOST powerful ways of having sustainable apparel is by buying great stuff that last less often!


As a brand new small business, keeping our pieces green is a top agenda. But what does this actually mean? The diagram shows how complex the definition of “green” really is. Again, we are working super hard to ensure top notch quality in our fabrics and seams. We also inspect our suppliers in person before we start production to check that conditions are A OK. 


Our current range uses a blend of nylon/spandex and polyester/spandex – the quality and function is top notch (which meets our high quality criteria of the model) but we are researching a variety of other fabrics. There is a lot of hype around recycled fabrics, such as recycled polyester from plastic bottles. But going deeper, and reading research articles, we found that there are a lot of downsides to some of these fabrics from a quality and environmental POV. It’s not always what it seams, with health concerns and lots of energy used in the recycling process. 


But yes, this is a huge priority for us.

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